Pharmin USA

Pharmin USA was established in 1999 in San Jose, California, the global center of cutting edge research, development and innovative technologies.

Since the founding of Pharmin USA, we have focused on developing and delivering pharmaceutical products that advance the treatment of several disorders. The commercial success of our products provides us with the resources to generate new clinical data defining their profiles and supports our development of new therapeutic advancements. As we bring new products into clinical development, our goal remains the same to discover, develop and commercialize therapeutics that advance patient care.

CaptVita LLC

CaptVita is a sales, marketing and fulfillment partner. We are the exclusive distributor and online retailer for Arthrocen. We are a consultancy – a partner designed to work with you at whatever size and scope you need. This structure allows us to be nimble, creative and adjust as your business does. Consider us your flexible team without the overhead.

Product launch/relaunch (focusing on digital platforms such as Amazon, WalMart, eBay or your own branded site), fulfillment and warehousing, business development, marketing strategy, sales growth, customer service – these are all in our wheelhouse. We have a team with decades of combined experience in product line and brand growth, and nearly ten years of specific experience being a top tier Amazon third party merchant. We understand the new world and the ease for many entrepreneurs to create products. Our goal is to partner with you to free you from all of those tasks that get in the way of your creativity. We want you to create and we will handle the rest. With professional service and custom tailored options, we are the only choice if you want success with your product on the new frontier – digital platforms. Don’t let your competitors get there first!